Washington DC Horse Farms for Sale

Washington DC Horse Farms for Sale


Washington DC Horse Farms for Sale (aka Washington DC Equestrian Properties for Sale or Washington DC Horse Homes for Sale)

If you have been looking to buy equestrian real estate in the Washington DC area for a while now, then you've probably searched through countless listings looking for your dream home. Maryland horse farms for sale, Virginia horse farms for sale, and horse farms for sale in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, or other nearby states. Often, you'll have seen the same homes over and over when trying to find what is new on the market.

We feel your pain.

Would you like an easier way? Instead of going through page after page of what has been on the market for months, why not have the newly listed real estate e-mailed to you? It's easy and free! On the next page there is a form where you can narrow down your search criteria so that you will only receive the homes you are looking for. Your name and email address is required to receive listings. After all, the listings will be coming by email so we need to know where you'd like to receive them.

Click here to start your search Please include in your comments the type of horse facilities you desire, and your preferred counties. Also, please call us to discuss how we can help you find your dream horse home.

While you're waiting for our email, for fun browsing right now, click here for horse farms in the DC metro area

Maryland is home for more horses than most people realize. Horse people hold over 587,000 Maryland acres which equals 10% of Maryland land, and there are 16,040 horse farms and over 79,000 horses in Maryland. These facts come from the Maryland Equine Census, USDA, 2010, and you can find lots more fun facts at http://www.mda.state.md.us/horseboard/

Virginia ranks 12th in the nation for numbers of horses. Virginia has an estimated 215,000 equines and some 41,000 equine operations. Nearly 1,200 horse shows and events were held in Virginia in 2010. Some 939,000 people attended Virginia horse shows and competitions last year. These facts come from a study funded by the Virginia Horse Industry Board, and you can find lots more fun facts at http://www.vhib.org/

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